Hidden Springs Swim Club

Coaches Bio

Melissa Arneson

Melissa Arneson has been on a pool deck nearly her entire life. She began competitive swimming on a year-round team in California at the age of three and has managed to be on the pool deck ever since. Melissa has been married for nearly 16 years to Justin and together they have one amazing 14 year old son, Clay. She’s currently attending college for a degree in business, she loves camping, snowboarding, and just being outdoors.

Justin Arneson

Justin Arneson started swimming competitively at the age of five and continued swimming until he enlisted in the Navy at age 17. Justin spent just as much time on the deck as he did in the pool. Whether lifeguarding, teaching swim lessons, or coaching swim teams, Justin has been involved with swimming almost his entire life. Justin completed his Bachelors in Information Technology at Kaplan University and has been working in the IT field for about 15 years. He currently works in software development and web design. He enjoys spending time with his amazing wife and son, fly fishing, camping, water skiing, snowboarding, and just about any outdoor activity, especially anything involving water.