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Choose either one full meet position or a position during first shift and/or second shift.
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Duty includes keeping the pool attendees informed about what event is in the water, what event is being seated and other activities that may be happening during the meet. This will be done over the pool’s loud speaker.
Duty includes running the provided laptop and using the provided swim meet software, Meet Manager. This person must be comfortable with the use of new software and fairly efficient with data entry.
Duty includes providing pool with the event number that should be getting ready for the upcoming race by keeping bullpen event sign accurate. This duty also includes organizing swimmers by lane and heat in provided chairs and getting swimmers to their corresponding blocks before the start of their event.
Duty includes sitting by starter and watching for any lane timer that needs the assistance of a spare watch. If a lane calls for the assistance of a head timer it is the duty of that head timer to stop their watch when the swimmer of the same lane touches the wall.
Duty includes collecting event heat sheets from each lane, returning them to the computer table and assisting the computer manager with the entry of swimmer times. This duty also includes printing finished swimmer’s info onto provided labels.
Duty includes peeling and sticking labels onto corresponding ribbons and separating ribbons by team. This job must run smoothly and quickly to ensure that teams can collect all of their ribbons shortly after the finishing of the meet.
Duty includes starting the provided stop watch on the referee’s beep and stopping the stop watch as the swimmer in the designated lane touches the wall. This duty may also include verifying the correct swimmer is stepping up to the blocks to race and recording the swimmer’s time onto the provided timer sheets.